12. April The HOO (Club - 2130h - Eintritt: 6,-)

The Hoo is the brand new FunkHipHop act in the Berlin musical landscape. Musically it's like Sly Stone meeting The Roots. It's all about tightness. About head banging and sweat.


DJ Rute (Club - 2330h - Eintritt: 3,-)
Soul, Funk, R&B, Rare Jazz, Hip Hop

13. April

Marc Forrest Get happy - Magazine launch (Club - 22h - Eintritt: 5,-)

Marc Forrest (Hip City Soul Club)
Frank Castenholz (Get happy!?)
Kid Border (Nervous Breakout)

Bar - 23h - Eintritt: frei :

Dennis Raabe (Get happy!?)

14. April

Saudia Young (Bar - 2130h - Eintritt: frei)

New York born performer Saudia Young is seducing the world with - Saudia Young & Dark Kabarett! The Berlin based band play original songs and hot covers of: Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Cole Porter and other ” dark kabarett swingers from the 20s to the present”. Sultry singing, dark tales and the excellent musicianship of the band, are gaining the group fans and support.

16. April

Miss Kenichi (Bar- 2130h - Eintritt: frei)
Her songs make you forget that this little town isnt placed on some dusty road near Alabama. Sparse, almost parched Americana performed on an old guitar, sung with a
husky voice, which easily slips under your defence. Mrs.Sadness meets Mrs.Sparkle. Wonderful.


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