The Hoo.

LIVE: The Hoo + Alvar Raw Beat
Friday, 30th of January 

The Hoo is a Berlin based Italo/French Future Funk crew.

Formed around Anthony Malka (synths & noises) and

 Tristano Pala (vocals & flute), this collective mixes influences

 coming from jazz, funk, hip hop & electronic music. Don't

 miss the live performance of the two talented composers- it's


In 2 years the crew managed to conquer Berlin's

 underground scene and released the LP “My Degeneration” 

+ 2 remixes EP. They played from Budapest to Paris, from

 Italy to Denmark and toured Germany backing HipHop 

veteran Flowin’ Immo.

2014 they released : New Transition, an 80s Funk 4-track

 that sounds already like a future club classic. 

Seit zwei Jahren bespielt die ElectroFunk Band The Hoo den Berliner Underground. Auf ihrer neuen EP "New Transition" hat sie sich ganz dem Funk der 80er verschrieben. Ihr mitreißender Sound klingt wie eine Mischung aus P-Funk und Daft Punk.


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