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This FRIDAY FEB 21st 9pm


 The middle man is a compulsive liar!

guitar/vocals - sawyer gebauer
cello - chris smith
violin/vocals - evelin sillén
guitar - johan björkdahl
bass - lasse åhlund 
drums - verner westlund
drums - gillad reichenthal



This SATURDAY 21st FEB 9pm

Blood and Honey

Blood and Honey are Chris (guitar) and Linda (bass). A duo. 

Linda say's she is Blood but Chris doesn't want to be Honey. 

They both sing and scream sometimes.

They met in 2014. They got terribly drunk together at some

fancy Berlin bar and found each other the day after for

hangover breakfast. They both had a guitar on their

shoulders, so they jammed and for some reason they fell in 

love with each other. Not like humans but more like aliens 

who use music as a communication tool. 

Chris comes from Ireland and Linda comes from Mexico. 

They both do the same thing - expressing their feelings 

through performance. Turns out they felt the same about the 

most important thing in their lives: Music.

So they kept jamming.

Influenced by life, love, feeling misunderstood and walking 

constantly on the borderline between being highly 

enthusiastic about human behaviours and giving up on


Thats why they called the project Blood and Honey. 

Bittersweet. Life and Death. Love and Hate. Man and 

Woman. Tragedy and Comedy.

Thats how it sounds. Somewhere between dark garage punk

and cheesy country similar to Loretta Lynn and Conway


Since 6 months they have a drummer and third band

member who doesn't want to be listed anywhere. But that

doesn't matter, as long as he keeps playing with them.


Support from ALB

Ahabs Linkes Bein (Band-Set)

Ahabs linkes Bein ist im Kern ein Brüderduo aus Berlin und

Münster, das Lieder schreibt über laute Städte, karge

Wüstenromantik und das ewige Kreisen um sich selbst.

Stolprige Chansons mit Sumpfbluesaroma, melancholisch

und trotzdem belebt.

Matthias - Git./Gesang

Daniel - Git./Gesang

Basti - Drums/Fx


Late night DJ after = Señor Pozo & Friends



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