21. Dez 
DISH (Club*22h*Eintritt: 5,-) We are sorry - this concert is canceled..
DiSH seamlessly fuse ear-warming melodies, reggae vibes and rocking punk.
The sound is rocky, British and very catchy; the lyrics are cerebral and honest; the atmosphere they create is compelling.

22. Dez
Curtis Tembeck&Outlaw Party (Bar-2130h-Eintritt: frei)
House rockin' country and blues for swindlers, grifters, hustlers and
Hucksters. Sounds like three card monte on a cardboard box.


23. Dez
Fat City Rollers (Bar*2130h*Eintritt:frei)
It´s their unconventional mixture of Rock´n´Roll, Hip Hop, Blues and Fat City Grooces
that has a lasting impression to everyone listening. They are an unadjusted appearance in the Berlin music scene 


Markus Schultze (Bar*2130h*Eintritt: frei)
For 7 years Schultze  was romping his way through Kreuzberg making music and moderateing. Until 2007 he found the perfect home for himself and his band „Underwater Circus“ here. Then he moved to he country side-that´s where he still is. But the affection for this wonderful part of Berlin never went away. He is coming to Das Hotel to pay homage to this love and music. A cozy evening with his guitar, voice, favorite song and all his heart.


Elyas Khan (Bar*2130*Eintritt: frei)

ELYAS KHAN has built a reputation as one of the most unique vocalists and songwriters in music today.  A powerhouse on stage, “taking the spiritual and making it gleefully profane”, with a voice like “melted fucking chocolate over bourbon”, Khan draws influences from his UK-Indian heritage and his creative upbringing in NYC art and music scene to create a dark, sensuous mass of sound, invoking a post punk, Led Zeppelin, electro / folk / funk / urban / nomadic freak-out!

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The Hoo (Club*2130*Eintrtt: 5,-)

The Hoo is the brand new FunkHipHop act in the Berlin musical landscape.
Musically it's like Sly Stone meeting The Roots. It's all about tightness. About head banging and sweat.


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